Moi has a name after all.

Hi Nerds,

So yeah, I'm having a double take on this "About Me" or "Get to know me" thingy.

If I have to be honest, I don't think I can describe myself in a poetic way, or any-way on that matter, so I'm just going to do it the moi-way.

My name is Barberry. Yes, unique right? My mom said she got it from a book she read before but can't remember the title. Well, I'm guessing that book was no good. I have a second name, it's my mom's name and I hate it, so I'm not going to tell you. I don't like my whole name either. Barberry is just too girl-ish, too feminine. If I were to choose my name, I want a name that is more... strong? Like a guy's name. Something like Louise, Juno or Gab. I don't know. I just think Barberry is not suitable to my personality.

I love reading books. Reading books feed my soul. It's like every time I open a book, I know I'm going to some place, a really wonderful place. At some point, the way I live my life is sometimes based on what I've read, on what I've learned from it. Books are like my best friend.

I love music. My family loves music. It fills your heart with different feelings. Some of my favorite artists are Coldplay, Kurt Cobain, The Maine, Siguros and YUI. I love attending to concerts too. Seeing your favorite artist live is one of the best feelings in the entire world! It makes you feel alive. I listen to it because I want to feel something; like joy, sadness, excitement and other weird things. You live the music you listen to.

And lastly, I love watching. I watch so many movies and TV series that sometimes I don't go out of the house. I'm a huge fan of BBC Sherlock. I don't know how many times I've watched that series; not to mention the number of episodes it has (It has 4 seasons with only 12 episodes all in all!! ). Then, it always follows, if I love Sherlock, then you would have guessed that I love Benedict Cumberbatch too. That man is an actual sweetheart. I can go on forever telling you how much I love him. But I won't do that. Maybe I'll do that in another post. 🙂

So that's pretty much it. You'll get to know me better when you follow my shenanigans here you on my other social media accounts! ^^

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