Book Review: Young Sherlock – Black Ice

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Here's another book from the Young Sherlock series! I have to pat my back for trying my best to keep up with my books. Haha. 😀


by: Andrew Lane

Ratings: 4/5


A third case for teen Sherlock involves a heinous crime . . . and a brother with blood on his hands

When Sherlock and Amyus Crowe, his American tutor, visit Sherlock's brother, Mycroft, in London, all they are expecting is lunch and some polite conversation. What they find shocks both of them to the core: a locked room, a dead body, and Mycroft holding a knife. The police are convinced Mycroft is a vicious murderer, but Sherlock is just as convinced he is innocent. Threatened with the gallows, Mycroft needs Sherlock to save him. The search for the truth necessitates an incredible journey, from a railway station for dead bodies in London all the way to the frozen city of Moscow―where Sherlock is afoot in a world of secrets and danger.

It's no news that I love Sherlock Holmes, so anything Sherlock and I'll read it and love it forever. LOL. 😀 This is the 3rd book to the Young Sherlock series and I must admit that it gets better and I'm starting to enjoy the fresh take on Sherlock's character.

Black Ice is basically chaos, shocking, adventure and danger! I was in to it for two sittings, basically night time (because that's the only time I have, all the rest of the day is me working so..) and I can't put the book down!

So the story revolved around Mycroft being accused of murder and Sherlock is the only one who can help and save him because he is most certain that his brother is innocent. As the story picks up, it turns out that the murder in London was not just about framing Mycroft but a lot bigger than that.

I just have to say that this book is full of action. It's like Sherlock has a twin named Trouble. He just gets into trouble every now and then. Poor kid. But that is what I like about this book compared to the last one. It's like non-stop adventure for Sherlock and I can't put the book down. I like how the author describes every tunnel Sherlock went in to, or every place and country he has gone to because I can picture it out on my mind and it feels like I was there too.

Also, I'm growing to like Amyus Crowe as his mentor, I think he's brilliant and teaches Sherlock a lot. His relationship with Mycroft is more, I think, vocal and that I just love their bizarre but sweet relationship. Like they are both kind of clueless about emotions and stuff but clearly they love and care for each other so much. I'm a big fan of the Holmes brother so that's always a fun for me.And I must admit that I can't helped but picture out a fat Mark Gatiss like in The Abominable Bride when I'm reading it. It's just there in my mind whenever I read "Mycroft"! hahaha. Ow, God, Mr. Gatiss is just precious even though he always break our hearts. LOL 😀

Then there's Russia! After Sherlock went to America in the 2nd book, in this book, he went to Russia--particularly Moscow. I kind of picked up some really interesting stuff about Russia while reading it, like their culture and all. And in the book, when Sherlock and his brother Mycroft - well let's not forget Rufus Stone, went in Moscow, they have to go there in complete incognito, to find out what happened to one of Mycroft's agents. As per Mycroft's deduction in re murder situation in his club, he believes that the sudden disappearance of his agent and the sale of a land to America from Russia are the possible reasons of framing him for the murder. And there's something bizarre about that plan that Amyus and Rufus cannot point out. Not to mention, dangerous too.

Sherlock seeks answers in Moscow, and there, all the tricks the villain (I will not tell because I might spoil something ^^) of the story pulled, all made sense to Sherlock. He started to piece all the fragments and his brain kinda exploded that his body can't cope up, he can't speak! I was so thrilled. The book is non-stop chaos and action, I kind of worried about Sherlock pulling through all the obstacles he had been to track down the enemy and also to save his and his brother's life from them. And one more thing, that part when he bought his violin, that's so precious, I loved it. <3

So I recommend this to all Sherlock lovers who want to read more adventures that is kinda different from the original but fun as well too. 🙂 So there you have it, see you again in another post!

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