Doctor Strange!

Hi Nerdies,

So this is a late post, obviously, but I have to include this on my blog. 🙂


I've watched Doctor Strange last October 26, 2016 -- premiere date, on Imax and I'm just so proud for Beno (Benedict Cumberbatch <3 ) If you follow me on Instagram  ,you know how much love I have for Benedict. I'm so excited about this movie because:

a.) Sherlock Season 4 is not yet out until January 2017


b.) It's Marvel! And Beno is now part of it! <3

This is my most anticipated movie of the year! (Well of course, FBAWTFT comes second. 🙂 )

As expected, Beno did not disappoint. The movie is mind-bending good! The visual effects, the story-line, Beno's acting *superb* and also, the other casts gave a great performances on this one! I also like the funny parts of the film, which of course is what Marvel is best known. I couldn't deny the fact that I still see Sherlock on Stephen whenever he acts so rude and sarcastic but yeah, Benedict is definitely great in this film.


So after watching the film, there's this life-sized statue of Doctor Strange outside the cinemas.



Look at my face when I saw it! I was so happy, as if I saw him in real life! It looks exactly like him! <3  I swear if I was mad, I'd bring him home-- in my bedroom! LOL.




Holding hands!! LOL 🙂 <3


You guys should watch it on Imax, twas really amazing!

PS: There are two post credits! :p






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  1. Nice Review! looking forward to more of your adventures.

    And for those who haven’t watch it yet,it’s definetely worth the iMax.

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