Masasa Beach, Batangas 2017

Hey guys,

Summer is already in the corner. Philippines experience summer as early as March. People are already planning their summer getaway just to escape for awhile from the busy streets of the city and cramming deadlines and cutoffs.

As for me, I just had my first summer escapade last weekend in Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas. This is actually a trip that was not planned, at least not on my side. One of my friends invited me to come and tag along her friends to visit the beach last Saturday. Since I was really bored and out of my depths for awhile, I agreed to come.

So I went to my friend’s house Friday evening so we can go to the bus terminal together on Saturday morning. The first bus trip schedule of JAM Liner was at 4am so we went to the terminal around 3am.

So I’m going to list down a simple travel guide to help you if you plan to visit Masasa Beach too.


1. Jam Liner Bus to Batangas Grand Terminal – Two JAM Liner terminals in Metro Manila. One in Kamuning and the other is in Taft.

~ Bus Fare : Php 165.00

~ ETA : 3-4 hours

2. Batangas Grand Terminal to Mabini Port – You will ride a jeep from Batangas terminal going to the port of Mabini where boats going to Tingloy are waiting.

~ Jeepney Fare: Php 37.00

~ ETA: 45 minutes to 1 hour

3. Boat Ride to Tingloy – You will queue for a boat ride once you arrived at the port in Mabini. Try to leave from Manila early because a lot of people are queuing for the boat ride.

People queuing for boat ride.

~ Boat ride : Php 80.00

~ Environmental Fee : Php 30.00

~ ETA : 30-45 minutes

*You can avail private boats so you don’t have to queue for hours. The boat has a capacity of 15 people that will cost you Php 3,500.00 – Php4,500.00 for the whole boat.

4. Tingloy to the Beach – You will ride a tricycle that will take you to your rented house/room or directly in the beach side.

~ Tricycle Fare : Php30.00 per head

~ ETA: 10-25 minutes


From Mabini port, there are locals there that will offer their houses for accommodation. They can also contact persons from the beach to arrange rooms for accommodation. They basically charged Php250-350 per head. Personally, I like that the locals there are very nice and you will feel at home for a short stay in their home’s comfort. The price is really cheap for a great convenience and comfort. You can use their rooms, kitchen, bathroom and living room. But if you’re short for budget, you have the option to bring your own tents and set up near the beach. You can also buy tents and blankets in the beach from locals roaming around selling stuffs.

The house behind was where we stayed.

Food and Activities:

If you’re on a budget, I suggest that you bring your own food and cook it there. The house we rented let us use their kitchen to cook our foods. But you can also buy food from nearby canteens. You can also buy foods in the market place in Mabini before going to the island.

In terms of activities, there are only few ones but still fun. Boat owners offers services like island hopping , snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also rent a boat to check out the Blue Lagoon. We only tried the snorkeling because I’m too afraid to go scuba diving without training. I’m so excited because it’s my first time to do snorkeling. 🙂 It only costs me Php100.00! What a cheap price for a fun experience! <3 Unfortunately, I don’t have any videos or pictures because I don’t have a GoPro or underwater camera to document the activity. I left my phone on the shore (it might get wet!) . But moving on, the experience was so fun! I saw a lot of different and colorful fishes and also a sea turtle just walk underneath us! It was so magical, I feel like I was Ariel for a sec! Hahaha.

But please, enjoy some photos I took on the land instead:

During the night time, me and my friends had a few drinks, (well, I didn’t. haha) and just talked and laughed until 2am. That was so fun, we were so loud and drunk (I mean them, again, I didn’t drink. haha) and just talked about everything under the stars. We  just enjoyed each other’s company as long as we can. We just stayed there for 1 and a half day. So might as well savor the moment. 🙂

Going back to Manila

Going back to the Mabini port, we need to ride the boat again. But since there’s already a boat near the beach, we didn’t have to ride the tricycle going back to Tingloy to ride the boat. There’s a boat that will pick us up directly near the beach. But it cost us Php100.00 instead of Php80.00.

This is where we waited for he boat that will take us to Mabini port.

From Mabini port, first, before going back to the bus terminal, we tried the famous food in Batangas, LOMI! If you will visit Batangas, you must try their Lomi because Lomi in Batangas is the best!

After we ate, we then ride a jeepney going back to Batangas Grand Terminal. We paid Php 40.00 each for the jeepney ride. It was Php3.00 more than the first time we rode it going to Mabini. We don’t know why it’s not the same but we didn’t say a word. Three pesos is not a big trouble. 🙂

Then, from Batangas Grand terminal, we ride a bus going back to Manila! Time to go home. 🙁

It was a short vacation but it was fun and I needed that. It sets me to good summer mood, to be honest. Well, in a good mood in general. I’ve been under the pit for quite some time so I think it helps me to climb up again. 🙂

So now, I’m planning for my next shenanigans! 🙂

So you guys from the city, if you are looking for a cheap and not-so-far away place to relax and spend the summer, you must check out Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas! 🙂

PS: You can check out the article I made about this here : Travelicious

Signing off,

Barberry Castillo

The awkward  beach-goer ^^





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