Top 10 Books I’ve Read on 2016

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I know that this is late but I still want to post about the good books I’ve read last 2016. I didn’t actually read a lot because I was such a slacker, but I tried to come up with the books that really loved and enjoyed reading.

WARNING: There might be some spoilers here hahaha. My list is in random order.


Mosquitoland by David Arnold


~ This is probably a book I will always love to re-read. I love how odd the title is and how relate-able Mim was for me. The subtle feels of her adventure with the oddest companions are absolutely enjoyable for me. It also talked about some issues on sexual abuse that I think worth reading. I haven’t actually made a constructive review on this book because I’m lazy AF. hahaha. But this is one of my favorite books. <3


The Half Life of Molly Pierce by Katrina Leno


    ~ This book made me realized that SPLIT personality is really scary. I mean, you can be a very different person and not know it. Isn’t it the scariest thing ever when you wake up in the morning not knowing what happened, or what people are telling you did before you blacked out? This book had given me the chills, I mean people will find it boring or maybe dull but when the author introduces the second personality’s POV, I felt an eerie vibes that creep ed through me. Mabelle was the name of second personality and the personality that knew what was happening. Molly, who was the main character and the first and real personality, was just oblivious about what was happening to her. That was really bonkers. But I like these kind of stories, the crazy ones. 😀


Young Sherlock : Snake Bite by Andrew Lane

   ~This is the first Sherlock Holmes story from a different perspective that I have read. Well, based on the title it’s a story of Sherlock Holmes when he was younger. The mistake I have made on this series is that I started with the 5th book, LOL. 😀 Snake Bite is the second to the last book of this series but I didn’t find it confusing because the story can stand alone at some point. I’m currently reading the other books before this. And as always I love mystery and investigative books. It’s not as good as the original Sherlock Holmes but I enjoyed it. 🙂 


N or M? by Agatha Christie

  ~ Well there’s no surprise that Agatha’s books are amazing! She’s the Queen of Mysteries! This is the first book I’ve read of hers. I loved it and I couldn’t put it down. The characters in this book are really fun to get to know. The guessing game of who’s N or M was really exciting and all the kinds of cleverness Tuppence and Tommy  had put in the investigation was great too.  After reading this, I really believe that that was the start of my realization that I need to read more of her books. My mom loves her too. She keeps mentioning to me that she used to read Agatha Christie’s books when she was younger. 🙂


Tick Tock by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

~ I’ve been reading some James Patterson books when I was younger. I’ve been into detective and crime fiction or just any witty books. I like the thrill of going through a series of mysteries and it’s been ages since I read a book from James Patterson. So this one, I believe is part of a series which I didn’t know before I read it but it’s no big deal. I keep repeating this mistake and I learnt to understand a book in a middle of a series. HAHAHAHA. Okay, enough rambling, this book is about  Detective Michael Bennett wherein he faces a case where the murderer recreates the famous masterpieces of the infamous criminals in the States while also struggling with his family problems. The chase and the action is really great and it makes me so hyped. This definitely prickle the action in my bones. Totally a great read. ^^


Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

 ~ Okay, you can stop me at this point, but really, when you start me with Six of Crows, I swear I will never shut up! Hahaha. One of my favorite Fantasy books since Harry Potter. I would  first like to say, Leigh Bardugo is a stunning piece of genius! How on earth that a group of teenage thugs were so lovable and utterly clever?! It takes a Sherlock Holmes to impress me with cleverness, but Kaz Brekker, he’s clever, bad guy but smart. I love those kind of guys. The smart one, the strong one, a little bad and incredibly great ones. I really enjoyed reading this book, I just couldn’t put it down. I’ll be doing a separate review for this. <3



Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli


~ I must admit, I enjoyed this book so much. I was smiling the whole way through the end while reading it. It’s just so fun and I love Simon’s character. I think it’s the second gay story that I’ve ever read and I loved it. The sweet moments between Blue and Jacques, and for moments I meant, “the emails”, makes me so giddy and corny and all smiley. Such a good treat. I wrote a review about this book if you’re interested. 🙂  Read here.


And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie


    ~ So yes, I’ve got two Agatha Christie books for this list because why not. Reading this last year made me miss my love for these kind of books. This book literally scared the shit out of me. I don’t mean like a horror type scary. I was scared about the thought that the characters in this book were being killed one by one, and that it was weirdly patterned from a nursery rhyme. The plot of the story is just brilliant. I was literally at the  Indian Island the whole time, like I was transported there. It was awesome and thrill-chilling at the same time. I also have a short review for this book here.


Heavier than Heaven by Charles R. Cross


~ I was obsessed with this book. I don’t know why but I’m really captivated with Kurt Cobain’s story. And I know the details and the information inside this book are debatable, but there’s something about it that I loved. I was never a fan of Nirvana until I read this. Well, mostly, I’ve became a fan of Kurt after reading this. All his struggles as a kid and his addiction, his anger with the world, his music and his family–it’s just so sad; what happened to him. But you see, the thing I love about Kurt’s story is that even the most wasted and lazy and junkie and messy person could actually achieve something. Something big. Kurt was one of the biggest name in Rock Music History, and he will always be. This is one of my favorite book of all time. (But I should re-read it to actually come up with  review because I’m really struggling. My review is sitting on my drafts for months now. LOL 😀 )


Shadow and Bones by Leigh Bardugo


    ~ This is another one from Leigh because you gotta love that girl <3! I read this after I read Six of Crows. I should have read this first before the SoC to have ideas about Grisha but it worked out fine for me. I’ll say I love SoC more than this but the Shadow and Bones is pretty good book too. And as per usual, I was into the bad guy again, but this time, he’s literally the bad guy in the story – Darkling (hahaha! :D)  Maybe this book isn’t as clever as the SoC but the I liked the plot too. Reading through the past before Brekker’s time is fairly enjoyable while waiting for the Crooked Kingdom. This book is about how an ordinary girl who makes map turned out to be a great Grisha, and not just a Grisha but a Sun Summoner. She then became the key to her country’s freedom from war and the Shadow fold. You will be a little bit surprised at the latter part of the book, of what hunger for power truly means to these characters and how you discover your own self when you’re actually in your lowest. 


So there you go guys! I promise to try my best to post my reviews for some of these books. And also to read as many books as I can this year and blog about it. 🙂


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